Pomegranate wine

Strength 15%, Sugar 3-6%

Our 100% pomegranate wine NRAN is made from the finest pomegranates hand-selected at optimum ripeness from our own yards. This wine tastes fresh, tangy, and fruity flavors and aromas of the super fruit known as Pomegranate. 

The fermentation process takes much longer and is done at a lower temperature than with grape juice. This preserves the healthy ingredients in pomegranate juice and a rich and fruity taste and aroma. Semi-sweet pomegranate wine NRAN is maroon in the color, pleasantly tart, and aromatic in the nose. The palate is fruity and expansively pungent. Tannins are on the soft side. The aftertaste is long-lasting lush berry and pomegranate. NRAN is a refreshing cocktail wine served slightly chilled. It is recommended to drink NRAN with soft cheeses, fruits, and dessert.

Pomegranate wine has up to 3 times more antioxidants than red wine! 

Serving Temperature +15°C, Storage Temperature +5°C to +20°C