Ohanyan Brandy 10​

Brandy alc. 40%

A new, unique myth – created according to legendary traditions of Armenian brandy making. Woven from sun-taste grapes of Armenian highlands, one of the very few regions in the world where nature survived unaffected.

The youngest brandy in the blend is aged in oak barrels for at least 10 years.

Then color is transparent, with a crystal shine of intense golden color. The prevalence of well-balanced soft chocolate-vanilla tones in the bouquet signifies the presence of old brandy spirits in the blend that are aged in oak barrels.

The taste is delicate, harmonious, and inherent to vintage brandies. The aftertaste retains a feeling of pleasant warmth with a harmonious aroma only corresponding to aged cognacs of the highest quality.

There is an ancient land called Armenia, where through centuries new and old legends intertwine. Here, on the high mountains, as a relic, the Armenian golden-shine grape orchards stretch towards the bright sun.
Woven from sun-taste grapes and the unity of the peculiar scent of Armenian oak and the cool well-waters we present a new legend – Ohanyan brandy 10 years of age.
It is made from spirits aged not less than 10 years in Armenian oak barrels.